A European project with relatives, health professionals, volunteers and civil society actors to build and support better collaborative care for people living with dementia.


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People living with dementia

Relatives and friends

Health and social care professionals


The Eden Community Collaboration Concept

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Who are the participants_EDEN

Creating the decision making framework that can support a community’s desire to become a community embracing dementia.

Creating ideas and insights_eden

Creating an overview of the relevant stakeholders and designate a role to the different participants in the process to become a community embracing dementia.

Putting into practice

Creating a common understanding of how to understand important factors such as how to embrace dementia and how to understand inclusion.

Decision making framework

Creating insights and common understanding about how the relevant stakeholders experience the challenges and opportunities around dementia.

Embracement and inclusion_eden

Creating ideas and concrete activities and interventions together in a co-creating way.

creating ideas and activities_eden

Working with the ideas in practice.


Evaluating the interventions and the community collaboration.

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