How to be able to cope with the future

Video: Living with dementia

In this video, four people with dementia share their insights and experiences of living with advancing dementia.

Partner organisation: SCIE – Social Care Institute for Excellence

Video: Planning ahead when living with a dementia diagnosis

This film looks at planning ahead after receiving a dementia diagnosis.

Contents include financial matters, benefits, making decisions for the future, driving and working.

Partner organisation: Alzheimer’s Society

Making your home dementia friendly ​

If you have dementia, living at home gives you more independence and also means you can continue to enjoy your own familiar environment.

The right home environment can help you to stay safe, physically active and also provide prompts to keep you mentally stimulated and in touch with friends and family.

Partner organisation: Alzheimer’s Society

How to make your home dementia friendly ​

The way your home is designed and laid out can have a big impact on someone with dementia.

Symptoms of memory loss, confusion and difficulty learning new things means that someone with dementia may forget where they are, where things are and how things work.

Partner organisation: NHS

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