Community Collaboration Concept

The Community Collaboration Concept

As this platform shows, there is so much material “out there” about dementia and concepts such as Dementia Friendly Societies, but as a health or social care professional, relative or volunteer, it can be difficult to know where and how to start if you want to contribute to the creation of a Dementia Friendly Community. 

A kind of process model is needed, showing e.g. how to engage people, how to find out what is really needed on local level to create dementia inclusive societies, and how a good dialogue and communication can be created among the relevant stakeholders.

The Community Collaboration Concept is a response to this need, and is a process model, that helps the relevant stakeholders to go from a desired wish to be a community embracing dementia, to actually becoming such a community.

You can read about the Community Collaboration Concept here (link to the relevant text, where the process model is explained

The model contains 7 concrete steps, and if you click on the 7 boxes below you will find a concrete description about the concrete processes and how to facilitate this part of the process.

If you click on “tips and tricks” you will find a range of relevant posters which are easy for you to print and use directly as information material and practical “handouts”.

You can download the entire description of the Community Collaboration Concept, and how it has been developed here (link to the entire document) 

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